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Wensus provides analytics for Windows Phone and Windows Store apps.

Learn More about Your Users

Track user activity and downloads.

See Where the App is Crashing

Check out the stack traces and find the most encountered errors.

Read all the reviews

Are Your Users Happy? Read the reviews and see the trends.
User Profiles

User Profiles

Learn about your users' devices, operating systems and cultures. Study how often they launch your app.
Application Versions

Application Versions

Track currently used application versions. Find out how rapidly your users update your app.

Performance Monitoring

See if your app is becoming a memory hog. Monitor network errors and transferred kilobytes.
Daily Summary

Daily Summary

Receive daily summary, including statistics, new reviews and latest errors, delivered automatically into your mailbox every day.
Windows Phone

Windows Phone Apps

Follow your mobile app's success. Find relevant information, like how your users are split between Windows Phone 7.5, 7.8 and 8.0.

Wensus Analytics provides near real-time analytics on your app. You can immediately see and receive the feedback from your latest marketing efforts.

And we're app developers too, so we've made sure that Wensus is easy to integrate with your app and that it works with commonly used frameworks, like Caliburn.Micro.

Windows Store Apps

Are your users using your app on tablets or on PC? Wensus Analytics works with Windows Store Apps, making it the easiest way to follow your app.

Windows 8

1. Easy Integration with one line of code

2. Doesn't modify your project or your binaries

3. Works on the background, doesn't affect the smoothness of your app

Learn more about the implementation


We don't collect private data from users. All the data is anonymous.

We don't sell your data or give it to anyone.

Read more about our privacy policy.


Free Plan

  • 1 App
  • Standard Reports
  • User Reviews
  • Crash Reports

Professional Plan

  • 5 Apps (additional slots available)
  • Standard Reports
  • User Reviews
  • Crash Reports
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Daily Summary Email
Will you store my credit card details?

No. The subscriptions are entirely handled by trusted Fastspring.

Can I change the plan later?

Yes. You can easily change the plan from the client area at any time.

Supported payment options
Payment options